Transportation in Suratgarh

Even though Suratgarh is comparatively a small town, it is developing place with many business and industries. Therefore, it has a well developed transport network through all the three mediums including air, rail and road.

Airways in Suratgarh

There is no airport exactly in Suratgarh city. However, many international airports are located not far away from here that make traveling to Suratgarh from other cities by flight easy.

Transportation in Suratgarh

The nearest international airports to Suratgarh and their distance from the city are the following.
  • Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar, India – 280 km
  • Indiragandhi International Airport, Delhi, India – 439 km

The closest domestic airports to Suratgarh and their distance from the city are listed here.
  • Sahnewal Airport, Ludhiana, India – 385 km
  • Chandigarh Airport, Chandigarh, India – 404 km
Jaipur International Airport, which is located 407 km away from Suratgarh, is the nearest local airport.
Besides these Indian airports, people from other countries also depend on some airports in Pakistan which is situated not so far away from Suratgarh, as Rajasthan shares its border with Pakisthan. They are:
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakisthan (301 km)
  • Faisalbad International Airport, Pakisthan (441 km)
  • Bahawalpur Airport, Pakistan (214 km)
Most of the major air services like Air India, Jet Airways, King Fisher etc. operate flights to these airports from other cities. Travellers can hire taxi services to reach Suratgarh from the airports.

Railways in Suratgarh

Suratgarh is well connected with all other major cities in Rajasthan and India through a well developed rail networks. There are regular trains from many major railway stations in the country that passes through Suratgarh. That is why itself, train is the transportation mode to reach the city chosen by most of the people.

Suratgarh Jn Railway station is the nearest railway station to the city and it belongs to North Western Railway. Many trains that run between major railway stations in India pass through this station daily.

Transportation in Suratgarh

The important trains that go through Suratgarh Jn Railway station are
  • Lalgarh Abohar Passenger
  • Supgarh Suratgarh passenger
  • Udhampur Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi express
  • Jodhpur Bhatinda Passenger
  • Suratgarh Bhatinda Passenger
  • Jaipur Jn Suratgarh Jn Passenger
  • Bhatinda Lalbgarh Passenger
  • Abohar Jodhpur Passenger
  • Jammu Tawi-Ahmedabad
  • Barmer Haridwar Link Express
  • Awadh Assam Express
  • Barmer kalka Express
Other stations closer to Suratgarh are;
  • Bhagwan Sar Railway Station (7 km)
  • Rangmahal Railway Station (10 km)
  • Sahuwala Railway Station (12 km)
Bhatinda Jn Railway Station, which is 157 km near to Suratgarh is the major railway station that connects maximum number of main stations in India. So people from far away from Suratgarh depend on this station to reach the city. Form here, they can get local trains, buses or hire taxi to reach the destination. Other major railway stations in Rajasthan are
  • Lalgarh Jn, Rajasthan (178.1 km)
  • Anupgarh, Rajasthan (90 km)
  • Jodhpur Jn, Rajasthan (458 km)
  • Jaipur Jn, Rajasthan (561.8 km)
  • Barmer Jn, Rajasthan (667.6 km)
  • Barmer Jn, Rajasthan (667.6 km)
Other major railway stations in other cities that their train distances to Suratgarh
  • Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir (610.7 km)
  • Ahmadabad Jn, Gujarath (934.4 km)
  • Abohar Jn, Punjab (215.8 km)
  • Guwahati Jn, Assam (2379.2 km)
  • Kalka Jn, Haryana (412.4 km)

Roadways in Suratgarh

Suratgarh is well linked to other major cities in India via regular bus services. Many private bus operators like Virt Travels, Chandr Travels, Shri Sai Travles, Dashmesh Travels, Shri Nath Ambika Travels etc has regular bus services to Suratgarh from major cities of India.

Transportation in Suratgarh

Road distance to Suratgarh from major cities of India
  • Mumbai to Suratgarh 1115 km
  • Delhi to Suratgarh 331 km
  • Bangalore to Suratgarh 1856 km
  • Calcutta to Suratgarh 1628 km
  • Chennai to Suratgarh 1922 km
  • Ahmadabad to Suratgarh 711 km
  • Hyderabad to Suratgarh 1408 km
  • Jaipur to Suratgarh 327 km
  • Patna to Suratgarh 1181 km
  • Bhhopal to Suratgarh 758 km
  • Agra to Suratgarh 468 km
  • Ludhiana to Suratgarh 257 km
Hiring taxi services are the best option for local transportation in Suratgarh. We can also depend on Government bus services as comparatively cheap option. Details of bus routes and timing will be displayed in the bus stands. Auto rickshaws are also available for travelling small distance at affordable price. 

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